The Voyager class meets in the Charlotte Children’s Center Extension at the Congregational Church. The programming is reflective of our Reggio Emilia approach while leaning more heavily towards academic interests. The ratio in this class is 2 teachers for every 12 children, this program follows the operation hours and calendar as the main site.

This class is intended for 3-5 year olds who have displayed strong social/emotional readiness upon enrollment. Children are made to feel comfortable and encouraged to make new friendships. While the program is still play based it is also a kindergarten readiness program that focuses on children acquiring self-help skills, learning to work cooperatively in a group and building early language and literacy skills all through the joy of play. Children will have many opportunities to gain new knowledge and skills through interactions and activities that are both teacher and child initiated.

Teachers will observe and document children’s progress and share those observations at least twice yearly with parents.

Additional goals for the Voyager class include:

  • To increase further development of receptive and expressive language and print awareness
  • Increase ability to work cooperatively and respectfully in a small group
  • Become aware of self as a member of a larger community
  • Encourage artistic and creative expression