The Seeker Classroom serves children 4-5 years old who are getting ready to go to kindergarten. This classroom focuses largely on fostering independence, strengthen confidence and social/emotional skills and supporting the transition towards Kindergarten by the end of the year.

Children at this age are beginning to think more abstractly and to become concerned with concepts such as fairness. They are intent on testing out their ideas, pushing their boundaries and feeling that they are quite ready to do anything. Teachers encourage this blossoming independence by giving children a sense of ownership in their classroom. For example, they help to establish the rules for the classroom and take turns in the role of classroom mediator to help solve conflicts. In addition, children often vote on how they would like their dramatic play area set-up and then take part in constructing it.

They also look more in depth at topics and themes. While it is still a play based classroom, teachers recognize that children need to be prepared to go to the “big school” and so focus more on early reading, math and science skills. When children are ready to leave the Center, our hope is that they will have a sense of what a unique person they are, how exciting it is to learn new things and what a pleasure it is to be a good friend.

Some additional goals for the Seeker Classroom include:

  • Provide opportunities for children to learn early literacy, math and science skills.
  • Offer opportunities for team building and to be part of the community through curriculum.
  • Expand on social and self-help skills so children are confident and capable when they enter kindergarten.
  • Recognize and celebrate the unique learning style of each child.
  • Expose children to different cultures in a non-bias manner.
  • Allow children opportunities to explore encouraging them to be observers, experimenters and life long learners.