The Explorer Classroom serves children ages 3-4 years old and primarily focuses on solidifying social/emotional skills. The Explorers are beginning to wonder how the world around them works and what effect they have on their world.

In the Explorer Classroom, children come in each morning to find many centers to choose from and explore. Teachers use a morning meeting format to engage children and guide them to discovering answers to their many questions. At this age, children have also become very interested in having a friend and being a friend. Teachers are there to support children as they establish these new friendships. In addition to their expressive and receptive language skills children are now developing print awareness. T

Teachers work with children individually and in small groups to foster these new skills. The children spend time exploring many different art mediums to express themselves creatively. It is also a time when children engage in a lot of dramatic and imaginative play which is supported by the material that are made available in the classroom.

Some of the goals of the Explorer classroom include:

  • Provide opportunities for the further development of receptive and expressive language.
  • Encourage the expression of emotions for positive interactions and conflict resolutions.
  • Gain the skills to be respectful to friends, teachers, materials, and the environment.
  • Offer art enrichment activities with an emphasis on creativity.
  • Learn skills to be self-competent and self-confident.