The Adventurer Classroom serves children ages 1-2 years and maintains a ratio of 2 teachers for 6 children. This class builds on transitions and following the group plan. Children begin to engage in parallel play and identify causal relationships. Children of this age need to investigate everything and find out, “what happens if…” and this sets the tone for the room. The main focus of the room is cause and effect and every day is an adventure. The teachers support the children in their investigations by setting up the space so that children can explore independently while remaining safe. Teachers sing and read to children all through the day.

They also create all types of messy projects to engage the children focusing on the process not the product. Children in this age group love sensory explorations and they are given many opportunities to play with water, sand, mud, paper and oatmeal to name just a few. Children are bundled up and taken outside to play every day where they continue to use all their senses to observe and investigate all the things found in the natural world. The Adventurers are also learning to separate from mom and dad and build trusting, caring relationships with other adults. Teachers are sensitive to separation issues and help with these transitions.

Some of the goals for the Adventurer classroom include:

  • Appreciating and guiding the expression of emotions.
  • Encouraging the sense of self and body awareness.
  • Foster positive learning experiences where the process is more important than the product.
  • Support the emerging development of expressive and receptive language.