The Charlotte Children’s Center believes that caring, respect and positive relationships are the roots for cognitive development in young children. We believe children are natural explorers and learn best through play. Teachers facilitate collaborative wonder through which the curriculum is co-constructed with the children.

We recognize the inherent uniqueness of each child. Children can express ideas visually, verbally, in writing, through music and movement. The documentation of the process of expressing ideas illustrates to parents, teachers and children that their work has value.

At the same time, we endeavor to help children understand that they are members of a wider community. Through purposeful guidance and modeling, we support each child as they build a positive sense of self while learning to demonstrate respect for all people and for their environment.

Here at the Charlotte Children’s Center we believe there is a profound draw to nature throughout childhood, we promote the incorporation of natural materials in to each classroom and emphasize the benefits of outdoor play in all weather. While bringing the outside in creates wonderful moments of exploration we also strive to bring the indoors out by offering play choices outside that mirror activities from inside. For example children can often be found painting, drawing, playing with babies, reading and playing instruments on the playground. Children in the Voyager Program enjoy frequent hikes in the wooded area behind their space to enhance their outdoor experience. In the summer heat all programs offer water play, sprinkler days and gardening opportunities.